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June will be a great month!



This has been a hectic week. And June will be an amazing month. Lots of news!

First of all, Scout Comics is rolling. The two titles are almost synch’d to be released at the same time:

Jazz Legend #1, out now via

Issue one of JAZZ LEGEND, the book created by JC Lacek, Penciled by Vasco Duarte and colored by Patrick Gama, with inks and letters by me, is released via Scout You can find it monthly on your Previews catalog.


Take a look at some of the comments reviewers made of Jazz Legend #1:


Bleeding Cool:

Fandom Spotlight:

Comicbook Roundup:

So, you can see it has a pretty good look!

The book is available here:

Books 2, 3 and 4 are solicited monthly.

I REALLY hope that you like it!