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Finally! Zinnober, the book I have been involved with on inks will see the light of day!

Captura de pantalla 2018-03-23 11.34.07.png

Finally everyone can pre-order Zinnober.

THIS is the english version published by Scout Comics for the US market.

regular Cover A:

And Cover B by Nic Klein (Drifter, Dancer, Deadpool):

Script: Ralf Singh and Thorsten Brochhaus

Pencils: Ralf Singh

Inks: Cristian Docolomansky

Colors: Ilaria Fella

Lettering: Taylor Esposito

Logo Design: Czar Acuña L


Will be published on Jun 27th

Can’t wait seeing it on the shelves!

Best regads



New Kickstarter: Orision #1




Wow… what a month! Another Kickstarter!

The Crime of Monsters – Detective Grim/Orision, via @Kickstarter

This is a new gig I started inking on lat November early December. The artwork is very detailed and I enjoyed trying to make some justice to Gleidson pencils.

This is the first part of a miniseries created for Bradley Golden (whom I have lettered some comics in the past and it’s one of the members of the multiplatform bunch indie comic book publishers that is creating a huge multi-universe of comics with connections between them. It’s fun being part of this.

In Bradley’s own words:

You feel the cold chill going up your spine. You arise, in horror, seeing the monstrous grotesque entity in front of you. You try to scream, cry out for help but the cold, blistering air drys your every plea. The darkness takes you, rips you, gorge you…. Until there is nothing left but a puddle of thick red blood and hot….. Steamy….. Guts!!!!

This Kickstarter shares the book with another scary story: Detective Grim.

Please enjoy some of the inking artwork


Orision is a creation by Bradly Golden

Pencils by Gleidson Ribeiro Art
Inks by Cristian Docolomansky
Poem and Script by Bradley Golden

Best regards


New Kickstarter: Zinnober in GERMAN!


Another big news. Zinnober has launched a Kickstarter for its first book in GERMAN!

Zinnober is the book I have been involved with since last year. A Tour de Force with lots of details and action in an apocalyptic world infested with dragons and guns.

Since Ralf (Series Creator and penciler ) and the editor Thomas are from Germany they decided to try a Kickstarter of the book in another language rather than English. And the backing has been incredible since the book has been funded in less than 12 hours.


The Kickstarter can be found here:

and you can find a preview of the first 10 pages here:

Zinnober is a series that in English will be published by Scout comics:

Created by Ralf Singh

Penciled by Ralf Singh

Inked by me.

Colors by Ilaria Fella

Letters by Taylor Esposito.

Cover by Nic Klein.

The Kickstarter page also features a small video of me inking a panel of issue 02.

mmm… Maybe a translation in Spanish soon?

Best regards


New Book on Comixology: The Promise #1


Hello, my loved readers:

Allow me to introduce you to The Promise, a book that has been just recently released on ComiXology, vía ComiXology Submit.

I was approached by Thomas Conklin the comic book creator with the idea and I jumped right from the start. So far we have produced a number of comics so you will see right from issue 1 how catchy and appeal this story is.

The Promise, available on ComiXology can be found here, 

The Thief and The Farm Girl
A notorious thief in the world of Fairie has stumbled into the clutches of an old business partner. While a farm girl with an affinity for nature finds a mysterious artifact that her father has kept hidden from her since birth.

Created by Thomas Conklin

Artwork by Jihad Akbar

Colors by Michael Woods

Lettering and logo design by me.

Logo Design:

The requirement was to catch the fairie scent of the book and read it in a logo that will offer the reader the magic and the adventure. Right off the bat, I developed a series of ideas and sketches, and, as always, I kept the computer away from me. Old pencil and paper. Here are the first roughs I sent:

The promise Logo - Sketches

As you may see some of them has some sort of… Lord of The Rings bar-like vibe, and I used the gem, the jewelry which is part of the story. Those logos, which are more focused on elements were dropped.  Thomas, instead decided that the fourth logo, since does not remind any object but keeps the idea, so it was the best and we developed from there.

After vectorizing it and fixing the proportions we choose this final version with a choice of the font for the “THE” part, which we decided to go with a font that reminds of the medieval scent of the book.

The Promise - Logo Design - Final-04

Thanks if you give The Promise a chance. it’s a great book and I think that adventure and LOTR fans will actually like it.

Bst regards