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News #2 – Jan 18.

Two books with my help on it released almost at the same time.

BEYOND REALITY MEDIA proudly releases the next step of their books.



Created by Richard Fairgray and Bill Geradts

Illustrated by Gonzalo Martínez

Colors by Juan Moraga

Letters by me.

You can now order your copy HERE. 


ATTICA Vol 3, 

Created by Christian Gossett and Bill Geradts

Illustrated and digitally painted by Lucho Inzunza

Colors by Kóte Carvajal

Inks and Letters by me.

You can now order your copy HERE. 

Best regards




In.jvstice on TAPASTIC

Banner Tapastic 0.jpg

News #1 – Jan 18.

Happy New Year everyone!

I have some news that I’ll be uploading here.

First one was a long due one. Tapastic is now the digital publishing house of “In.jvsticia” in its English version. You can find it up on page 6 HERE. I decided to publish my comic book in English (corrections and suggestions are obviously more than welcomed) because of a couple of things:

  • To keep a constant flow of creator-owned material. Every Thursday I will be uploading a new page. That will also put the pressure on me to keep the flow on issue 02.
  • To be able to appear in other formats.  I know Tapastic for about 10 years but I haven’t been consistent on it. Adapting In.jvsticia digitally wasn’t as easy as I expected.  Besides the more than possible grammar mistakes, I didn’t know that the reading experience is different from the physical to the digital versions. I had to adapt each page to a new format which has turned different the experience and created a new way to understand my comic on this “new” platform. Now I can play with the format, the space between the panels, creating silent moments and increase the drama effect. It is a learning curve, but a very interesting one.
  • Spanish version? Not yet. I want to have the second issue done before launching this in Spanish.

Injustice - Letters ENG - ISSUE 1 - FINAL TAPASTIC4