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In.jvsticia #1 Reviews

In.jvsticia, my first creator- owned comicbook was released in early september in Fic. And I got some reviews. Being this my first author work it felt giggles in my stomach about this comic and I am very excited to see that the first run is almost sold out… well.. according to my editor, of course.

Here are some of them.

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-06 23.15.46

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-24 23.50.15

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-13 22.37.59

Thanks for all the people who took the time to get the book, read it and give me their reviews. Can’t thank you enough.

Status for the second issue is that I’ll be working on it this November. So keep fingers crossed!

Best regards



Some cool FIC pictures

Back post:

Last September we had FIC Santiago, which it was my first time as a co-headliner on a table on the Artist alley… sort of.

I and Diego Toro shared a table and several launches:

  • Con-troll with Jon Parrish nad Kóte Carvajal, Ariete Producciones Spanish version.
  • In.jvsticia #1 Ariete Producciones Spanish version.
  • Some of our previous works (One Must Break, Starburn et al)
  • Original artwork and prints. (I sold one original!!)

Here are some pics from those hectic three days and the people who pick our books up. Thanks!