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Sample Inks: Some stuff done these past two months.

Hi, there:

Between digital inking and lettering, I sometimes feel that I lose some of the traditional inkings grasps and to avoid getting rusty I  use to make some sample inks tests over my heroes. These pieces are only for training and fun purposes and all rights and apologies goes to their own creators and owners.

First one is this awesome Jim Lee Wildcats’95 piece, which I have already found it as part of their old pin collection (which I have a couple of them). Originally inks went by the Rosetta stone of inking, mr. Scott Williams and I am well, 70% happy with the results. I really dig how the faces turned out and I try to give more depth to the foreground/background separation.

Wildcats 94 - Sample page - inks

The Second Piece was this Aphrodite IX David Finch Pin Up. U wanted to try some new strokes and stuff. I  liked how it turned out, despite the fact some hair strokes and cross-hatching went wrong. One funny thing is that I bid on this piece last year or so at the Heritage Auction auction, but I didn’t win. I’d have loved to have both pieces one next to the other.

Aphrodite IX - Finch - HA

Last one was this Arthur Adams over a John Romita Sr. layout of the Classic X-men #1 CVR. For me this is the ultimate X-men cover, which I re-drew constantly when I was a teenager back in the 90’s. It captures what’s awesome of the X-men and I have always feared trying inking it. However I think that the first foreground characters went fine, the small ones at the background went so-so. Maybe is the steadiness of my hand or my elderly eye that failed. XD

Classic X-men 1 sample page- inks

For all pieces I used:

  • Hunt 102 quill
  • Tool: Menso Brush Kolinsky Small by Kuretake Zig Cartoonist collection.
  • Sumi Ink 60 by Kuretake for Zig Cartoonists tools
  • And my usual crappy Opaline 150 gr. paper.