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Teaching comics 2.



Busy few weeks lately. Since last April 18th to May 16th I’ll be teaching comics to kids from 12 to 17 years. It’s a part of the enlaces project, by the Chilean Secretary of Education. This project, named “Enlaces” focused on teaching kids about using the latests on the technologies of information and knowledge. There are some other workshops on filming a video, initial robotics and making video games.


I’ve been meeting kids from my home city, Santiago. Last year I taught on a nearby city named Rancagua. This time it’s not as demanding as last year, where I had to catch a bus, travel 100 kms from Santiago to Rancagua and back.

So, I am basically half way down teaching. Each workshop takes 2 days, where I teach the 10 basic principles of comics and they have to reply the workshop on their school and then I’ll visit them to monitor how are they doing.

It’s an intense, but very rewarding experience. I thank all that trusted me on this.

I’ll post more pictures soon.

Best regards