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2017 – A year in review.

So, a new year comes to an end. And this has been a weird one.

It’s Dec. 31, and we are supposed to do the all new year’s preps but just three minutes ago I finished my last gig of the year, a 30 page inking graphic novel, the sequel to Attica, for BRM. Deadline meet!

So, in comparison with the other years, well I’m short of time so I’ll take my pal Kelly Bender’s way to make the review and I’ll do it listing Top and Low parts of the year.


TOP: My top moment this year (I’m writing this in a rush, so probably I’d lose some in the process)

  • Teaching comics to children in rural schools outside Santiago: Thanks Diego Toro for inviting me. I was scared, but i discovered something I thought I forgot: that I love comics and I enjoyed teaching that to kids. That was a very high point.
  • This has been the the most productive year:
    • Starburn was finally published in the UK. Inks – Thanks Kelly Bender
    • La Senda Del Errante – Pecados – Inks and Letters – Thanks German, Sebastián, Lucho, Fafo, Danny and Carlos.
    • Back To The Future: Citizen Brown #3 and #4 – Inks – Thanks Alan
    • Attica: Kinslayer – Inks and letters – – Thanks Bill, Lucho and Kóte.
    • And lots of short stories in anthologies like IF Anthology; FutureQuake, Dogbreath, Monster Smash-Ups, and Chronicles of Terror– Thanks Alexandar.
    • and the James Bong webcomic with – Thanks, James, Bianca, Joaquin, Luca


  • Last but not least, I got asked to do some helping hand for IDW for the first time. Not many pages, but it was a start. Thanks Alan for the call.



  • STARBURN will be published in the US via INSANE COMICS, which accoplishes – I hope – a new chance to make this book available to new readers. The old publisher left me with a bitter taste because we saw no promotion, sales or even care for the book.15356871_10211024176223018_1393055573_n
  • I finished my first miniseries, TEAR, with Mike Simon. It took three years, but it was a very satisfying feeling seeing the huge stack of pages and the evolution. I hope to keep involved in the project next year. – Thanks Mike!


  • I tattooed myself. Yeah, many of you have tattoos, but i have being postponing the idea until I got hired by a major publisher and since time was flying by and nothing seem to happen, then i decided to push things and grab a piece of paper, threw some inks with many sense and had that tattooed in my arm. it’s a huge step forward to me and my self-esteem, and up until today, seems to work.
  • I believe that 2017 would probably have some news from the following comics
    • Zinnober – Thanks Ralph, Illaria, Thorsten, and Taylor
    • The Drif T – By Bender and Ching.
    • Raupatu – By Gatonyi, Shilito, Inzunza and Kote.
    • and I hope, many more!


  • Many of my publications were made with no payment whatsoever. Just to grow portfolio. It’s ok, but sometimes it’s quite frustrating seeing no income for such amount of work.
  • Yeah: Inner demons, too. I mean, 4 years being isolated somehow leaves you wondering if you have what it takes to make comics for a living and mostly if you are an inker. The feeling of dependance of third parties and some patronizing towards the craft left me thinking about the future. Then came the school teaching thing and that disappeared.

Thanks for all who helped me to keep working, and my first hug goes to my espectacular wife, Paula and my dog Facundo.

c’ya next year!



Starburn to be released in the US by Insane Comics.


I am free to share this:

STARBURN is coming to America thanks to Insane Comics, LLC & will be a trade paperback!

This is a miniseries I worked with Kelly Bender, Brian Balondo and Laura Lee back in 2014 / 2015. After regaining the publishing rights from Markosia, Kelly offered it to his preferred publisher of choice for the american Market, Insane Comics. The new book will feature a new TPB cover by artist Brian Balondo.

STARBURN is the greatest ship in the Galaxy, and everybody wants to own it. But it’s not the kind of ship you can buy, you have to steal it!

Its current owner is Captain Aphi and his motley crew of space scoundrels, are hired for a simple pick up and drop off job. The crew quickly finds out that nothing is simple when STARBURN is involved, battling giant space creatures, armies, space pirates and each other, the crew will have to make tough choices to not only survive but retain STARBURN.


Created & Written: Kelly Bender
Pencils: Brian Balondo
Inks: Cristian Docolomansky
Colors: Laura Lee
Cover colors: Brenton Mathena
Letters: Micah Myers
Editor: Mark Davis

#InsaneComics #GoInsane #Starburn #MakingComics #MakeComis#IndieComics

Finishing a 6 issue miniseries


Hi. there.

Just to tell you that I have just recently finished the 6 issue miniseries named Tear. it’s probably more than 150 pages.

This has been in production for a long time, since mid 2014. Long time since we started issue 01.

Mike Simon is the creator and writer and Argentinian penciler Federico Zumel gives his energetic pencils. I did my best inking traditionally.


Production is in coloring and hopefully it’ll be starting lettering pretty soon so we can see who’s the publisher.

I expect to see it printed in 2017. I’ll keep you posted.