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Sample Inks: Rom by Zach Howard

Here’s another of my latests traditional inking samples.

Pencils by Zach Howard.



Updating my latest works


I hope that things are going great on all your plans.

Here are some of the newly things I am currently involved with:


Recent Published work:


Tear: It’s going strong, I am half way done the last 6th issue of this miniseries, crated many years ago by Mike Simon and penciled by Federico Zumel (Seamstress). Still has no release date since it’s due to be colored. It’s supposed to be pitched when completed. I’ll keep you posted.


New gig: Zinnober. Since last month I’ve been working with a huge talented creative team from around the world. It’s called Zinnober and it features the art of german artist Ralph Singh, who also works as the series creator with Fabián Rodriguez (from Costa Rica and Canadian resident). I am only allowed to share with you the first page which. I hope that you like it, ladies and gents.


Samples: Here’s one of my latests traditional inking samples. This time over the great Zach Howard and it has his blessing and permission.


Recent Published work:


Kickstarter: one of my fav latests lettering gigs is on a reknown anthology by Alterna Comics. This year’s IF ANTHOLOGY – SUPERHEROES is on its kickstarter process and it is going strong. I appear there with the 16 page story “The Tribe Of the Gods Of War” with Alexandar Altman as the writer, Gianmarco Veronesi as the penciler and inker and me on letters. Maori tribes and lizard – like creatures with a touch of their mythology. It’s supposed to be on the shelves by October.

Dialogue Study

New gig: Deliverance. Issues 01 and 02 so far. Created by Diego Toro and T. Garrett Petersen, Penciled by Diego Toro and colored by Kóte Carvajal, with me on Letters and logo design. It’s an awesome, funny and dynamic story about failure, angels and bad attitude. It’s due to be pitched. I am finishing lettering the second issue.


New gig: Raupatu, a 92 page graphic novel created by Peter Gatonyi, edited by Aden Shilito, penciled by Lucho Inzunza and colored by Kóte Carvajal (I love having steady teams!). This is a huge tour de force that also involves maori mythology but this time dealing with english occupiers and treason with magic and godly powers. It’s being edited right now.


Besides work:

Enlaces project: I have been invited to be the teacher of the Enlaces Digital Comic workshop for school teachers and students to be held in the nearby city of Rancagua for 20 days. I’ll be teaching a two day seminar about the main characteristics of comics and its digital branch for more of 20 schools.

Comics debate podcast: I was invited to be part of a debate about Traditional art vs digital art in comics with my friend and colleague Diego Toro for the bi-weekly talks about making comics. It took place at the EspacioBa cowork studio in Santiago and it was a funny debate with lots of extremists points of view. Here’s the link (only in spanish) of that talk.