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Unlocked achivement.


By the time you read this I’ll have something on the social media.

I had the huge luck to help chilean friends and artists Alan Robinson and Salo Farias inking some pages from “Back To The Future: Citizen Brown” Issue 3. Issue 3 is now on the shelves and it’s my first collaboration for IDW Publishing. A long time awaited achievement that I hope it’s not the last.


You can find it on your regular store and on comixology here.

Happy as hell. Deep Thanks to Alan for the opportunity.

Can’t wait for the next step. PS: Picture of the credits is © Felip Docolomansky. My brother found the issue on Gosh! Comics in London, UK.





Something else

“I’ll take that gig, no matter the small payment, at least it’s some paid work time. Besides I need to meet this month’s goal”

Everything adds to the final goal.

Isn’t it?

That was the usual talking point in my last full-time job, and that somehow “work ethic” kept me with steady work. That was me, some sort of resource collector. That’s another part of me that sets the artist aside. Take it for the money. That’s the heritage I got from that last full-time job I had in the chilean trade MKT agency.

I embraced that rethoric, I praised the sanctity of my former boss legacy: “You just work without taking care of your personal costs, time or value. Everthing suits up for the monthly goal”

And, of course, being the Key Account Manager with a team under my arm and supervission I had to live by it. I was in charge of a client portfolio and I received the design projects and developed them with my team. I tried to be a leader, but I learnt that I am not. I prefer to be best soldier instead of a lousy stressed team leader and let’s face it, I wasn’t. Why? Despite the fact my team and I were the best sellers, best team in the agency income and the most innovative projects, I couldn’t motivate them to give an extra mile, because I did not want them to have that feeling of “ruining their lifes” and I started to mix “good team leadership” with “don’t worry, go home and I’ll finish it”.

At the end I exploded. After I resigned, office filed for bankrupcy soaked in debt and lawsuits. Two months before they shut it down, boss doubled his salary. That left many of my former co-workers in the streets and filling lawsuits.

Time went down. It’s been 4 years. I don’t recall those days too often. I think that in my ignorance, I did my best and my team gave their best to make some good damn trade MKT out there.

However, lately I have been thinking that something might had been stuck in those days. Believing I’d do great and I’d become a great industrial designer but after 12 years in the business I couldn’t find the chance to prove myself into the big leagues of chilean design.

That period of time left me that the work flow must never stops. It’s like karma. You do something then some other thing comes up. But the “work, work, work” speed plans against trying to look for improvement. When you face the money part of each job it’s where the quality danger pops up. That’s the true danger.

Now, as an artist. I am into this learning process of trying to do my best and then slowly climbing this ladder to the “something else”.