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2015 a year in review:

Another year that leaves us. 2015 is almost done and in a few hours we will be ending a complex year, a difficult year, where we could see the worst of ourselves and unfortunately, things won’t be looking better in a near future. I think that this year the climate change has thrown us the reality of the consequences of our way to treat environment. It also grown subconsciously in ourselves that we learnt to take for granted what happened in Siria, Paris, Palestine, Turkey and many other places assuring that our XXIth way of life is actually not caring for our fellow people in need.

It has also been a good year somehow: the new Star Wars, Chile winning the America Cup for the first time, the Savatage Reunion at Wacken… sorry, can’t find really good news worldwide… I feel that the year owes us some good news.


But I want to focus this post on that this year left on me. 2015 has been a year of growing, learning the side effects of the job and the “keep trying” motto. I grew both artistically and soon I’ll be starting year 4 as a full time artist.

I felt stronger in my traditional inking and my digital inking took a big step. I felt confident enough to start drawing sketches which I do almost daily.

It was also a year where I had the chance to upgrade my working tools, with the Huion tablet I purchased in August.

Published works:

This is the most prolific year up to date. I am very proud of each one of this comics!

Print / Digital Comics


  • Starburn: Probably the gig I took more time in the process of inking since we took it very slowly. Starburn was a 4 issued Back end project which was published digital both in Comixology and Drive Thru Comics and in print by Markosia. Still don’t know how is it going with this book, I hope it goes well. This book was amazing to make… you can see the progression on the pages. My favorite are the last ones, from half way issue 3 and then the whole issue 4. I would like to work with the creative team somewhere soon in a gig.


  • One Must Break: BRM is all around the best of the year. With Bill we made a solid stand in FIC, published a lot of books both inked and lettered. NYCC was a sucsess and it gave me the best published book I was involved with. If I had to pick one favorite was inking and lettering One Must Break with my friends Kóte Carvajal and Diego Toro.


  • James Bong: Published by Vigilante Entertainment is a 12 page comic created by James Longshore and Bianca Mina. I shared a couple of beers with the creators and artist Marek Dubienski in Paris back in November and are working in a several follow ups of the character to appear on some cannabis cultured magazines.


  • RockSlingers: Later this year I was contacted by creator and artist Josh Mills to help him inking his opera prima Rockslingers. You can find it here.
  • The Monster Men: Unfortunately this was a bittersweet experience. I was honored to be in a roaster with such influential masters such as Roy Thomas and Rick Leonardi, but my run inking Edgar Rice Burrough’s The Monster Men, only lasted like 20 pages or so, since I was informed that the creators changed the penciler and I was the last one to be aware of that. I treasure the way ERB Publishing and the Editor, Jim Sullos treated me, like a pro. I am thankful for the experience.
  • The Red Solstice: Croatian artist Rocco Rabar-Krce whom I inked over the The Pigeon pitch asked me to help him inking and lettering a short futuristic comic based on a videogame. You can find it here.

Top accomplishments:

    • For me the best accomplishment was to be almost all year busy working in comics. Not completely stablished as an artist and still growing on my skills, but still I managed myself to find jobs as an inker and letterer almost all year. I couldn’t be able to make it without the help of my wife Paula and publishers like Bill Geradts, writers as Kelly Bender, German Valenzuela, Troels Bentsen, James Longshore and Mike Simon and artists as Diego Toro, Federico Zumel, Luchito Inzunza, Rocco Rabar-Krce and many others.
    • CCUcadHUgAAnPIV
    • But I also made two huge accomplishments during this year, First one was the release of the Introfilms webseries documentary “La Ruta Del Comiquero” which was premiéred at FIC Santiago and released (almost) by-weekly on youtube.
    • 11149424_841742215897654_7861800067346201803_n
    • The second big accomplishment was the Best 2014 comic at Fic Awards to the El Viudo comicbook. First award and first recongnition to my work.

What 2016 will bring (probably):

  • Tear: 2 years in the making working with Mike Simon and Federico Zumel. I really hope to see the 6 issue printed on my hands. Cool times inking this!
  • Attica: Book two: Almost my first whole book inked and lettered by me. Created by Bill Geradts and penciled by talented Luchito Inzunza and Salo Farias and colored by Kóte Carvajal. I inked almost 70 pages and lettered the whole book. To be released soon on BRM.
  • I also hope to meet new creators, new books, new pitches and hopefully new fans!

Have a great 2016, thanks for staying with me and I hope to see you very soon!

Bests regards



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Born in Barcelona, 1977, now I live in Chile. I'm currently working as a inker or letterer for several American, New Zealand or UK publishers like Beyond Reality Media, Alterna Comics, Advent Comics, Insane Comics, IDW Publishing, Ariete Producciones and Dogitia among others.

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