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Starburn número 1-4 a la venta!

Vendo las pocas copias que tengo de mi comic #Starburn. Miniserie de 4 issues, con guión de Kelly Bender, dibujo de Brian Balondo, tintas de un servidor, color por Laura Lee y rótulos de Micah Myers/Nic J Shaw. Comic en inglés. Interesados dejar mensaje o email en #comics #inks #indiecomics #makingcomics #scifi
Firmado por Kelly Bender​ (creador y guionista) y por mí.
Incluyo impreso de regalo e idealmente despacho dentro de Santiago de Chile. De haber otros pedidos deberé cotizar envío,
Os espero!

Inker profile at NarrativaGrá

Captura de pantalla 2015-11-23 15.47.27

Chilean website Narrativa Gráfica has just been released including a small profile to me, a small interview about my past as a comic book website editor and cover gallery.

Felipe Benavides, Comic book writer, letterer and comics promoter is making this website with some artists and their contacts.

According to Felipe, the website aims

“to rescue some good things NGI.CL left and were forgotten in time (Ngi,cl was a chilean website which studied the state of the chilean comic book art which gained huge attention from 2009 to 2012).

Felipe continues “…Several concepts, such as “Graphic Narrative” are now forgotten by the mass collective of people who works in the many depictions of comics. The purpose of the term “Graphic Narrative” is to include in one word the many different forms of comics (“Manga, Fumetti, funnies, Comicbook, Graphic Novel, etc). It is very important to promote this “rescue” and keep it in the eye of the audience and institutions, avoiding the state of confusion towards making Graphic narrative to the general audience ”

“we will be gathering articles for and from graphic narrators, press releases, tutorials, TED talks…”

“Last but not least, I want to make in one website all the graphic narrators professionals profiles in order to be easier for journalists, publishers and readers to locate”

please, take a look at it and meet some great chilean comic book artists.



One Must Break TPB – by BRM


From my editor, Bill Geradts of Beyond Reality Media, I received a copy of my latest book with them. One Must Break. This is a book I’ve been teaming up for a quite while with a bunch of chilean artists helping develop the BRM universe to the wonderful and complicated mixture of sci-fi, some superhero and craziness that is today.

I was invited by Chilean penciler Diego Toro to help him ink the backgrounds of one issue and then ink the next while chilean colorist Kóte Carvajal let me flat one issue. This helping and vey generous help was offered just when I was starting at this new carreer, so I can’t help myself to express my gratitude everytime I think about them. At the end of this process, new zealand editor Bill Geradts asked me to letter some of the pages.



The result is a journey through time and space to find the conflict lies within ourselves and the artistic voyage from Diego’s early pencils to his latests bombastic pages and Gonzalo Martinez‘ craftsmanship (one of the finest chilean comicbook artists there is).

I can bet saying that OMB is the best resulting book I have had in my hand where my inks have appeared.



If you want to have a copy of this book or any other BRM has an online store here –

where they can ship worldwide.

Alternatively, Bill has told me that they can do deals with comicbook and bookstores for copies easy enough.



Grab a copy, let yourself know about these fine reads and let me know what do you think about it!







I want to tell you that I was lucky enough to go to the Paris ComicCon last saturday Oct. 24th.

While traveling with my wife I found out that one of the cities I was staying at was having its own ComicCon. So stepping down the plane from Venezia and about to jump to a train heading for Brussels, I drop myself to the Paris Grande Halle de La Villette  to see if I can show my portfolio around.


Photo: Katchoo86 for, Used with permission

I went only for like three hours or so, not many time, but it was a great experience. One of the things I do always when I travel is bringing one copy of my latest comic and my portfolio with me and this was also the case. Never know who might be ending up reviewing it!

First things first: Paris Comiccon – as long as I see – is the first ComicCon in Paris. Real ComicCon, I mean, produced and directed by the guys that brings you C2E2 and NYCC, Reed Exhibitions, so that’s quality at hands. Big space, Picture spaces, auditorium, big stands, smaller booths and Artist Alley. The main idea is to bring to Europe the whole NYCC extravaganza and I think that they made it clear that this Con is for the fun and the experience, instead of what we are used to see in Bande Desinee/ Fumetti festivals like Lucca or Angoulème. But again, the space were the con was situated, le Grande Halle de Paris La Villette was the best choice, beautiful, wide, with many cool spaces to look at and very easy to get even for an outsider like me.


Photo: Katchoo86 for, Used with permission

Having that very important concept in my mind, the most fun was on the crowd and the french like it big. I probably saw the most beautiful cosplayers and several outstanding costumes walking on the main floor. I remember a girl dressed like Ariel and a guy like Matt Murdock (Netflix Version) and both were insanely good looking and faithful to their characters.

About comics, Panini (Marvel / Manga) had the biggest stand which was supposed to host Brian Michael Bendis, but he had to excuse himself days before the con arguing schedule problems with the Powers TV show. Also, Les Humanoïdes Asociés had a cool space mostly devoted to their newest breaking Graphic Novel, the next chapter of Méta-Baron T1 : Wilhelm-100, le Techno-Amiral.

Glenat had several cool releases and most of their international A-list artists were in Paris to see this mix of american artists on the european market.

Frank Miller was there, and for what I read online it was a blast. I didn’t had the opportunity / chance to get into his round table, thou.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner were the two artists I wanted to meet at this con. and I focused myself to do it. I made the endless fan line for Amanda and despite the fact I wasn’t able to get/buy anything because of my un-existential budget (only 10€ to grab something to eat somewhere), she was terrific to understand my situation and give my portfolio a look. She is a true artist for me, and I appreciate her words.


Photo: Katchoo86 for, Used with permission

I was able to talk to Jimmy for a few moments thanks to the Glenat people who also gave me a couple of minutes with him. Palmiotti, whom I have briefly meet previously on NYCC 2013 and when I was editor at Dos Cafés Y Una Mesa I used to ran interviews for closing the year for several years in a row and he was one of the artists who always returned the questions. Jimmy’s a great writter, he knows how to click with the audience and the fan base / critique reaction to his latests works shows it true… but he also was an penciler/inker and his opinion on my work was very interesting to me.


Photo: Katchoo86 for, Used with permission

He remembered 2CY1M and understood the running situation I was in… Told me I am doing fine, that I “should be working” and my inks improves the pencils on the pages that I shown to him. That made my day and gave me the confidence that assures me that my path is going on the right way.

Thanks to both of them. Most important is feeling I am doing the right steps and I will be keeping on that direction.

That’s pretty much it, It went so fast that I even didn’t take any (good) picture, so I had to ask Katchoo86 of from french blog The Lesbian Geek permission to make this post more pleasant to the eye and catch the environment of the Con, thanks!