Update of some of the projects I have been involved in lately

Hi, Everyone.

This month I have been incredibly lucky to be able to do one of the few things I really really like, which is travel. Paris, Palma de Mallorca, Rome, Florence, Venice, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin. What a ride!

While I was on the road, several things happened on my comic book camp. Important things that I’d like to point here and it will set the next step on this other journey which is making comics as an inker.


I am not sure how it really went with Beyond Reality Media, but as long as I was informed they did fine. Some of the books William was releasing for the first time to the american readers went sold out or near sold out. Besides the public really having many of the creators at the booth.

The publisher was premièring two books: PREPOCALYPSE Vol 2 (with cover by Bill Sienkiewicz!) and ONE MUST BREAK. Both books features some of my help on them. while in the first one I lettered an issue, the second one features some inks and letters.

As long as I know, new volumes will see the light of day on 2016, being one of them the Attica Volume featuring a team up work between Lucho Inzunza, Kote Carvajal and me.

2- RockSlingers releases webcomic.

One month before this trip I was put in contact with american writer and artist Josh Mills, who is making his magnum opus RockSlingers. I started inking on page 9 and I will taka the project once Ill be back to my drawing board. In the meanwhile, Josh  released the first 6 pages on his website Rockslingers.com Check it out and tell me what do you think.

Rockslingers is created by Josh Mills and Doug Nelson. Pencils and letters by Josh Mills, Inks by Josh Oakes and me and color by Jeremy Colwell.

3- Trouble in paradise:

This was a surprise. Two years ago, between Starburn issues I was asked by chilean penciler and close friend Reynaldo Lay to help him out inking 6 page for a short story named Trouble in Paradise. It was a delight working on it and after delivering the pages I never heard of it (which is something that happens very often and don’t necessarily means that the project was left out). A week ago I read on twitter that the story is available free for a brief period of time here.

Trouble in Paradise is a short story written by Jack Wallace; Penciled by Reinaldo Lay, inked by me and lettered by Kuen Tang.


4- Seamstress Kickstarter:

This makes me really happy.


Earlier this year I submitted a sample page for an open call for an inker submission contest. The penciler is Federico Zumel, whom I have (and currently I am) been involved with another project named Tear. I knew the guy and I was really confident on giving my best to get the job. I did it and I inked in no time the first issue. Aussie creator Nicole Strojek has recently created a teaser countdown (which ends in a couple of days) for the Kickstarter crowdfunding of this first issue.

I really liked the concept of the story and I think it would like to the readers if they give it a chance. I hope we succeed on this one. Art is stunning, colors too, but the main idea is great and leaves you asking for more. I offered myself to also be part of the goodies to the backers, so I’ll probably be doing one or two pieces for making the kickstarter even more joyful to the eyes!

5- NYCC 2015 2: The Drif T pitch:


Kelly Bender, (Starburn, Yakuza 893 among many others) fled to Ny to pitch several books. The Drift, created by him and Elvin Ching, was presented to a closed group of publishers. It went fine and we are looking forward to me… to get my ass back to the drawing board and start working on the book again. ;). News, soon!

My next post will have the best news of the year so far: MARKOSIA HAS RELEASED STARBURN TPB!


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Born in Barcelona, 1977, now I live in Chile. I'm currently working as a inker or letterer for several American, New Zealand or UK publishers like Beyond Reality Media, Alterna Comics, Advent Comics, Insane Comics, IDW Publishing, Ariete Producciones and Dogitia among others.

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