Starburn has been finally published as a TPB on AMAZON!

Starburn, the book I was involved with Kelly Bender (creator), Brian Balondo (pencils), Laura Lee (colors), Micah Myers and Nic J Shaw (lettering) has been finally released by Markosia and it’s available on

Captura de pantalla 2015-10-29 12.41.08

This 4 issued limited series took us two years in the process of making it. And in my honest opinion you can see the evolution of the art from issue 1 to issue 4. This miniserie is suggested for sci-fi fans. If you dig Star Wars, Firefly or Star Trek, space smugglers and plots that involves bar fights, betrayal and treason… this is your best read yet to come!

Personally. this book was the fist book I decided to ink it via digital and using Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint and the results seen on the space scenes on issue 3 and issue 4 are quite impressive to look at. I accepted Kelly’s invitation to be part of this journey and I can’t be happier about the results.

Starburn 04 Page 22-23 INKS 200 DPI

This also becomes the first miniseries I have completed as an inker and I am looking forward to see your opinions and comments. We, as a team, are also hoping to see what’s next as a group and each one of use separatedly.

As many you may have seen before in this blog, the miniseries were first available on Comixology. This is the chance to have it on a book and well curated trade paperback.

Some specilized websites had reviewed the book. Take a look at them at these links:



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COMICBOOK INTERVIEWS Interview for ‪#‎STARBURN‬ Creator Kelly Bender


Well. That’s it for me on this book. The onlu thing I would like to have from it is a cool t-shirt… proably we could make some of the first cover, don’t you think, Kelly?




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Born in Barcelona, 1977, now I live in Chile. I'm currently working as a inker or letterer for several American, New Zealand or UK publishers like Beyond Reality Media, Alterna Comics, Advent Comics, Insane Comics, IDW Publishing, Ariete Producciones and Dogitia among others.

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