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Seamstress hits Kickstarter.


As I posted before on this blog, Seamstress, the story of two sisters who works creating all the superhero / supervillain costumes will be looking for backers on Kickstarter from Oct 29th to Nov 29th.

I have never been on a Kickstarter before and it’s quite challenging but exciting feeling for me! Will the premise like the audience? Will this be backed? Will it show the trust and confidence we put into the pages be transparent and clear for the people to trust on us with their money? Those questions are now on Nicole Strojek’s hands, the Australian writer/creator who will also be dealing with the whole Kickstarter project while I’ll be helping on what she asks me to.

On my behalf, I really enjoyed making this first issue back in January, and the detail I put on each panel, on each page made it the book I worked the most. Federico really put me into my best game so far. Can’t wait to keep inking his tremendous pencils again!

this project will bring a lot of extra material for you to enjoy and it comes with several new artists contributions with alternative covers and sketch cards and pin ups by

Chad Heinrich
Chad Heinrich
Damien Dimitri Torres
Damien Dimitri Torres
Mathew Tow
Mathew Tow
Ally Cat
Ally Cat
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn
Phill Will
Phill Will
Carl Borla Embalzado
Carl Borla Embalzado 

Kickstarter is a big window for creators to show their work and look for backers in order to see print and share it to as many people as they can. My first advice – if I am someone qualified to give an advice – to anyone who is wanting to make a kickstarter out of his / her creation is to listen Tyler James’s Comixlaunch podcast on Kickstarter and mostly focused on comicbook kickstarter projects. Tyler is a long time comicbook creator and publisher of Comix Tribe, an indie imprint with titles as The Red Ten and (—). Tyler has gained a lot of respect in the industry and among creators for his policy on helping new artists and creations hit the stands. His podcast is also a very helpful tool in order to learn how to make a successful Kickstarter project. You can find it here (link). It’s directly to the bone, dynamic listening. Note his tips because he goes straight to the point!

So. it’s time for Nicole, Federico, Brian, Taylor and me, as a team to see if we are worth of your trust and help to see this comic finally printed. I’ll be spreading the word around my social network to gain some of you with me. Believe me if I say that this is a very interesting comic worth of your backing dollars!

Take a look at the Seamstress Kickstarter here

Seamstress is a creation by N.S Kane

Penciled by: Federico Zumel

Inks by Cristian Docolomansky

Colors by Bryan Arfel Magnaye

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Bests regards and thanks for your time!



Starburn has been finally published as a TPB on AMAZON!

Starburn, the book I was involved with Kelly Bender (creator), Brian Balondo (pencils), Laura Lee (colors), Micah Myers and Nic J Shaw (lettering) has been finally released by Markosia and it’s available on

Captura de pantalla 2015-10-29 12.41.08

This 4 issued limited series took us two years in the process of making it. And in my honest opinion you can see the evolution of the art from issue 1 to issue 4. This miniserie is suggested for sci-fi fans. If you dig Star Wars, Firefly or Star Trek, space smugglers and plots that involves bar fights, betrayal and treason… this is your best read yet to come!

Personally. this book was the fist book I decided to ink it via digital and using Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint and the results seen on the space scenes on issue 3 and issue 4 are quite impressive to look at. I accepted Kelly’s invitation to be part of this journey and I can’t be happier about the results.

Starburn 04 Page 22-23 INKS 200 DPI

This also becomes the first miniseries I have completed as an inker and I am looking forward to see your opinions and comments. We, as a team, are also hoping to see what’s next as a group and each one of use separatedly.

As many you may have seen before in this blog, the miniseries were first available on Comixology. This is the chance to have it on a book and well curated trade paperback.

Some specilized websites had reviewed the book. Take a look at them at these links:



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Well. That’s it for me on this book. The onlu thing I would like to have from it is a cool t-shirt… proably we could make some of the first cover, don’t you think, Kelly?



Update of some of the projects I have been involved in lately

Hi, Everyone.

This month I have been incredibly lucky to be able to do one of the few things I really really like, which is travel. Paris, Palma de Mallorca, Rome, Florence, Venice, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin. What a ride!

While I was on the road, several things happened on my comic book camp. Important things that I’d like to point here and it will set the next step on this other journey which is making comics as an inker.


I am not sure how it really went with Beyond Reality Media, but as long as I was informed they did fine. Some of the books William was releasing for the first time to the american readers went sold out or near sold out. Besides the public really having many of the creators at the booth.

The publisher was premièring two books: PREPOCALYPSE Vol 2 (with cover by Bill Sienkiewicz!) and ONE MUST BREAK. Both books features some of my help on them. while in the first one I lettered an issue, the second one features some inks and letters.

As long as I know, new volumes will see the light of day on 2016, being one of them the Attica Volume featuring a team up work between Lucho Inzunza, Kote Carvajal and me.

2- RockSlingers releases webcomic.

One month before this trip I was put in contact with american writer and artist Josh Mills, who is making his magnum opus RockSlingers. I started inking on page 9 and I will taka the project once Ill be back to my drawing board. In the meanwhile, Josh  released the first 6 pages on his website Check it out and tell me what do you think.

Rockslingers is created by Josh Mills and Doug Nelson. Pencils and letters by Josh Mills, Inks by Josh Oakes and me and color by Jeremy Colwell.

3- Trouble in paradise:

This was a surprise. Two years ago, between Starburn issues I was asked by chilean penciler and close friend Reynaldo Lay to help him out inking 6 page for a short story named Trouble in Paradise. It was a delight working on it and after delivering the pages I never heard of it (which is something that happens very often and don’t necessarily means that the project was left out). A week ago I read on twitter that the story is available free for a brief period of time here.

Trouble in Paradise is a short story written by Jack Wallace; Penciled by Reinaldo Lay, inked by me and lettered by Kuen Tang.


4- Seamstress Kickstarter:

This makes me really happy.


Earlier this year I submitted a sample page for an open call for an inker submission contest. The penciler is Federico Zumel, whom I have (and currently I am) been involved with another project named Tear. I knew the guy and I was really confident on giving my best to get the job. I did it and I inked in no time the first issue. Aussie creator Nicole Strojek has recently created a teaser countdown (which ends in a couple of days) for the Kickstarter crowdfunding of this first issue.

I really liked the concept of the story and I think it would like to the readers if they give it a chance. I hope we succeed on this one. Art is stunning, colors too, but the main idea is great and leaves you asking for more. I offered myself to also be part of the goodies to the backers, so I’ll probably be doing one or two pieces for making the kickstarter even more joyful to the eyes!

5- NYCC 2015 2: The Drif T pitch:


Kelly Bender, (Starburn, Yakuza 893 among many others) fled to Ny to pitch several books. The Drift, created by him and Elvin Ching, was presented to a closed group of publishers. It went fine and we are looking forward to me… to get my ass back to the drawing board and start working on the book again. ;). News, soon!

My next post will have the best news of the year so far: MARKOSIA HAS RELEASED STARBURN TPB!

Next stop: Paris ComicCon!

For the next few days I will be on a trip. one of the places I’ll be visiting is Paris and guess what!? Paris ComicCon will be just happening while I’ll be there! In order to be able to jump to the plane I had a one month full deadline mode finishing up my jobs. I was working in over like 50 pages in one month. That was incredible, but I succeed!

Got my ticket and my portfolio updated. I hope to see good fellas over there!

I’ll try to post pictures as soon i’m there.