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Chile Comics – new chilean comic book and original art store platform available!

Hello! I am thrilled to tell you that several chilean comic book publishers had gathered under a sole and strong sales and promotion brand which would increase the awareness of chilean arts and crafts on comic books. puts online the bests and newest graphic novels for purchase on promotional sales. My only comic published in chile, “El Viudo: La Cueca Del Manco”, which was awarded as the best chilean 2014 comic book on the latest FIC Awards is available at only 5.000 (less than 10 USD). You can find an article about the recent launch of the website here (in Spanish) Captura de pantalla 2015-06-08 07.37.12Please, drop by, take a look at the books available and let me know your comments. Twitter: Facebook: Website and sales:

Updated: Today they have launched their Original Art Store, starting with 4 of the set of 10 available pages from El Viudo: El Fin Del Luto, (the same ones I was offering here) for sale. Here’s the link:

For that matter I prefer them to deal with the original art sales and I’ll be putting down my own art store starting now.

Bests regards


Bests regards CDC


Reviews for Starburn #2 – PulpCultured pick of the week

Although the book came out last week, PulpCultured staff pick of the week is #STARBURN #2 from the creative team Kelly Bender, Brian Balondo, Cristian Docolomansky, Laura Lee and Nic J Shaw!

You can find Pulp Cultured review for the second issue here!

Remember that for only 0.99 USD you can find Issue 2 on Comixology here!

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