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LA RUTA DEL COMIQUERO – chilean comic documentary


Hello! I am proud to announce that we are about to release a documentary about comics I’ve been working on and off since 2010. Yes, more than five years in the making.

First off some words in context: Before I was into inking I was the editor of the chilean news website (now offline) Dos Cafés Y Una Mesa, It lasted from 2008 up to 2012. I teamed up with chilean writer and soon to be published author German Valenzuela.

We did all the usual stuff of small websites and it was a blast. Then, in 2010 I was asked to manage the PR of the Chilean Comicbook Artists Association. That association tried to study, know, develop and enhance chilean comic book artists quality. We did several artist meetings, Portfolio reviews and art symposiums with top quality artists and editors. That ended almost abruptly with the conclusion that we – as chilean artist – are not as close as we thought about “making it into comics”. However we knew our limits and then many many artists decided to expand it and look for more and bigger goals.  Me among them.

Still in 2010, when I was starting to leave my duties at “Dos Cafés…” because I started inking, me and Germán, were approached by chilean film director Nico Lorca, to ask us to develop a documentary about chilean comics. We said yes almost immediately. Long story short it has been an on-off developing documentary. Mainly because we didn’t know what exactly to film. I wasn’t sure to make some top chilean artists interviews because sooner or later many would do that.

Then, 2 years later and 2 scripts dumped to the trash bin and lots and lots of interviews filmed, we decided to make a real documentary: To establish an hypothesis, and develop the conclusions.Best way to do that is ask ourselves (artists, readers, kids, editors, Gov. personnel, people from chile and outside) the simplest of all questions: Is Chile a ComicBook related country? That question leads to many conclusions besides yes or no…

Here’s the trailer:

The poster which is art by Alan Robinson, Colors by Kóte Carvajal and logo was designer by me. Answers would come starting Apr 20th 2015, on (Lorca’s Studio Youtube Channel). There are interviews with Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW), Chris Ryall ( IDW), CB Cebulski (Marvel), Eduardo Risso (DC-Marvel), Alan Robinson (IDW) and many many other artists from different stages of their careers. Actually there are so many artists interviewed that I fear that not everyone would get to the final cut. …

Final cut, never thought I’d wrote those words.

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PS: Documentary is in Spanish, but all english spoken interviewed people are subtitled in spanish. I hope, I really hope that someday soon we could subtitle the whole documentary on both languages.


El Viudo: La Cueca del Manco, nominated as best comic for the FIC Awards! 

Hello, there! I am truly honored to tell you that my first chilean published work, El viudo: La Cueca del Manco, the 48 page two and a half issue published last june by Dogitía has been selected as a finalist for the FIC Awards. Fic is the Internacional comic book fair in chile, who will be held next Apr 10-11-12 th in Santiago. It hosts the Fic Awards, the chilean comic book non-official award ceremony (Chilean comic book artists and media is not being supported with an official awareness act). You can vote here:… and select the book I was nominated for in the category Best Comicbook, which is the bottom one.

STARBURN #1 reviews

There have been several reviews for Starburn #1, currently available on Comixology for only 0.99 USD. Here are just some of the amazing reviews the series has already been receiving:



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