2014 in review. Now by me, not by WordPress…



This year has been great.

Started bad with my wife’s serious illness, then my not scheduled one week hospital booking reservation and my Dog’s illness caused by the stress of everything. However, it has been great.

Professionally, I am around closing my second act as a freelance inker I only can say that this 2014 has been the year when I saw it more clear.

I got a clearer vision about my inking and I got a clearer spectrum of the industry.

Lots of long awaited projects had seen light during this year. Some with mid known indie and some personal projects where I was hired for. 

This has been the year when my firsts printed comics finally arrived to my hands. Chilean projects that where started back in 2010 saw print (El Viudo La Cueca del Manco), where you can see the evolution in my craft; or more recently (El Viudo, El Fin Del Luto 2.0), where I think that the work is more consistent and reaches for some peaks of quality that will envision what I think inking is. this has been the year where I also expanded my knowledge and services offering with lettering (The Urban Legend, and Alex: Enemy of Hell) and logo design (Also Alex: Enemy Of Hell).


Several projects are still on hold, waiting for someone to pick it up and publish, gain some funds and go to the press. Let’s see what will happen about them. I really hope that Alex would be picked up by someone, the team is great and the story is hilarious; I don’t know when will Starburn be published (all I know is that it’s planned to be released early 2015 by Uk’s Markosia, first on digital). Oblivion, that first GN I inked back in 2010, then 2013 and 2014 is something that I had to leave. Let me know if something happens with that. And La Senda Del Errante, which is one of the projects I’ve been working the longest and it’s waiting for some funds. 

This 2015 starts with force. I am inking the first pages of Seamstress, penciled by Federico Zumel. He is the same artist of Tear, the book by Mike Simon, which I am finishing issue #3 and it’s on hold for some weeks. We’ll be finishing One Must Break #5 with Diego Toro and Kóte Carvajal, closing the 5 issue arc on which I jumped on board on issue #4). I have been selected for inking some concept art for a video game and Beetle Battle and The Monster Men are pages that slowly completes each month. Starburn is being inked (Issue 3, Page 4) and The urban Legend (I hope) will be keeping me busy. 

2015 looks – at least the first two months – quite busy.


I really wish some things: To have health to keep inking and happiness to share it with my peers and family; keep the pace on getting inking jobs and if possible to be able to be part of any gig at a major publisher being my preferences IDW, Image comics, Marvel or DC (Still not there in quality, but I think I am on the right way); and last but not least, to be able to publish my own creator owned story and if the money allows it, a Cintiq 13 HD.

I know it’s too much, but I think that keeping working steady it will be accomplished.

So, in review, numbers. In 2014:

  • I inked 117 paid pages for 9 projects.
  • I inked 101 pages between back end’s (El Viudo, Starburn) and the free ones,  (like the Bluewater gig. they do not pay at all, they did not even sent me a lousy copy of the book…) and pitches.
  • I made 9 illustrations where I penciled and I Inked leaving the fear of penciling behind and facing it.
  • I lettered 117 pages for paid projects (the Urban Legend, mostly and the Alex: Enemy of Hell pitch)
  • I did 22 inking tests for portfolios. This year I did less than 2013, since I got involved in more paid projects that kept my attention and work time.
  • I made 10 portfolios (LI-CD-KC, Lettering one, 4 Only inking one, Penciled one, Top Cow special one and Hulk One for Marvel)
  • February and April were the months where I did no money at all, those were the months of my wife and my own illness. However I made a good money out of a Industrial Design gig. For that matter and a very low January and March my average month was only 440 USD. Spent near 380 USD in locally purchased inking materials (mostly my printer ink toner and paper) and nearly 200 USD between Inks, quills and brushes purchased at PaperInkArts.com.
  • IMG-20141127-WA0000
  • I wrote 2 chapters of the upcoming chilean documentary “La Ruta Del Comiquero” and gave one comic book penciling masterclass for children.

The following books had seen print this year:

Trixie Dynamite #2 – Ecv Press

El Viudo La Cueca del Manco – Dogitía Futuro Esplendor

Robin the Hood #3, #4 – Bluewater Productions

– The Emerald Star Starburn #1 Singapore edition

Headliners #1, #2 – Kevin Strieter

El Viudo El Fin Del Luto 2.0 – Dogitía Futuro Esplendor

– MDS featured on DBT Presents – Double Barrel Theatre

– and The Monster Men is being published digitally at ERB’s website. 

Thanks to Tom, Erik and L Jamal and Jim S., Thanks to Kelly and Brian, Thanks to Matt, Thanks to Federico and Mike, Thanks to Gonzalo, Oscar, Juan and Rodrigo, Thanks to Bill, Diego and Kóte. Thanks to Kevin, Josef, Sebastian, Felipe, Gabriel, Gonzalo and Alan.

So, all in all it has been a great 2014 and here’s to 2015!

Have a great New Year’s Eve and I hope to see you all in 2015.



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Born in Barcelona, 1977, now I live in Chile. I'm currently working as a inker or letterer for several American, New Zealand or UK publishers like Beyond Reality Media, Alterna Comics, Advent Comics, Insane Comics, IDW Publishing, Ariete Producciones and Dogitia among others.

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