Teaching kids about comics

20141127_080951 Hi, there:

Last Thursday Nov 27th I was invited by a close friend, writer and comic promoter Felipe Benavides to help him give masterclass about drawing using Autodesk Sketchbook on Ipad2 for kids 8 to 14 year old in a school meeting. The main goal of that meeting that gathered kids from all around Chile was to create interaction with all kids of technology, creative new skills and develop newer interests than the obvious ones you can find on every school. The event, whose name was Exponauta is sponsored by the Enlaces program, (in english: link), which is the chilean office for development of new technologies, created by Chile’s Ministry of Education.

Cómic digital (Felipe Benavides y Cristian Docolomansky)

El taller permite diseñar personajes de narrativa gráfica (cómic) en un dispositivo tablet, en el marco de los gustos, intereses y preferencias de cada estudiante.

Público objetivo: Estudiantes de 6° básico a 4° medio. Cupos: 20 por turno.
Horario: 9.30 – 10.15 / 10.45 – 11-30 / 12.00 – 12.45

We had only 45 minutes for each class and we spoke about character development and Sketchbook drawing. We were scheduled to have 3 masterclass for 20 kids each class. After the first one we realized that kids were very interested in drawing and interacting with this free software so we managed to make 5 masterclass.


In my humble opinion, I gave my everything in those classes, I tried to be as clear and motivate each and everyone into drawing as an useful tool to explain all kind of ideas when words are difficult to use, so I invited them not to stop drawing ever, because being able to tell things with drawings would help them whatever career might them choose in their life.


For the class I created a character using Autodesk Sketchbook for tablets, I named him as “the Armenian”, a low- tech spy in a post apocalyptic world. I teach the kids about proportion, detail and specifics, character background and whatever I could manage to tell them before they tried to make their own characters.



I am very thankful for the experience and I am available if they want to be in contact with me for any question regarding the masterclass.

Attached are some pics




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Born in Barcelona, 1977, now I live in Chile. I'm currently working as a inker or letterer for several American, New Zealand or UK publishers like Beyond Reality Media, Alterna Comics, Advent Comics, Insane Comics, IDW Publishing, Ariete Producciones and Dogitia among others.

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