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New job: Tear

How in hell I haven’t spoke about this before?


Because I was so really busy inking it! XD

This are some of the WIP previews of my newest job, which is named Tear. I am now in the middle of Issue #3.

written by Mike Simon
pencils by Federico Zumel
inks by Cristian Docolomansky
This will be gathered in a one volume despite the fact it’s a 22 page issue format. Old, traditional 90’s image style, which I love to the bones. Great, huge and difficult challenge, but slowly I am overcoming the initial doubts. As long as I know, this book was penciled many years ago and now it’s being inked, so we hope to see it soon enough. Lots of Hunt 102 quill, some brushes and splatter effects. Lots of Batt, early Scott Williams and Alex Garner inking influences. (actually I have one page of each inker either printed and hung in front of my drawing board or in an opened book besides me).

Amazing Alex: Enemy of Hell, First 4 pages

So, here it is. Evan, do this right… this is my chance to work for my all time comic book dream, Image Comics.

Nah, seriously. I spoke recently about this pitching work, Alex: Enemy of Hell and the slow and painful process that was for the creator to work with another chilean artist. But that was last year, this is here and now.

Sebastian Cheng – another triumph of globalization or “Comic Goal-isation” as I  say. He’s from Malaysia. He’s the colorist and he’s insanely good at it. check it out!

Alex enemy of hell page 1-4
written by Evan Clark
pencils by Luchito Inzunza
inks by Cristian Docolomansky
colos by Sebastian Cheng



Yes, I also do some lettering.


Last year, in a inking paid job hiatus – nothing was surfacing to me from some months… (that was painful) I thought of offering my services to some other comic book related tasks. Lettering was the rightest choice since I am quite skilled at it after many years in advertising agencies managing Illustrator and InDesign…

Then I meet one of the guys I admire the most in this job, Josef Yohannes. This guy is from Eritrea, was born in Denmark and lives in Norway, so if you need to talk with someone about fitting in some places, you should talk to him…


Josef is the humblest person I have ever meet, at least it’s my opinion after lots of Skype talks about his creation: The Urban Legend, a black vigilante, a black and yellow leather suit social justice seeker and value carrier. The urban Legend – or TUL – is big thing in Norway. It’s being penciled by talented artist Newtasty – from England – and Josef, who is a FCBarcelona supporter, was looking for someone to translate and letter his TUL book to catalonian and spanish – with the help of my brother – so we could pitch it to some spanish language publishers and do something with Barça team.


I lettered 2 issues to catalonian and spanish and then he asked me to letter the english version.

Lettering is fun. It connects some hidden part of my brain, the one that looks for perfectionism and easiness in every process. I look for easy reading, flawless transitions, cool FX and concept highlights. It’s something different but also pitches the creative nerve, but also the left side of the brain. I don’t really know how to translate the sensation into words.


Then came Mandela Issue.


– Let me go back to 2010 Southafrica World cup. This won’t take much, but believe or not that’s key to the creation of the book –

Josef visited Southafrica back in 2010 to attend Fifa’s World Cup. Then he realized southafrican black community youth reality and that urged him to do something against injustice, illiteracy and integrationism. Being a political leader was out of the question and since he’s a journalist, well, he decided to write about it… in a form of comics. He created The Urban Legend, a crime fighter with high values and an kin eye to solve social injustices like racism, youth corruption and violence. A superhero with a message. / I’d love to see how TUL would handle an antihero like Batman or The Punisher…

It’s was a success in Norway, a country with not many comic books and some racial issues to deal with so it gained several media attention, which, after a trip to SDCC, it turned to its own american publishing deal with USA TODAY and also sees print in Asia. Then he wanted to see the book translated into spanish but that’s still in the talks.


Nelson Mandela’s Foundation asked Josef to become one of its ambassadors and invited him to attend the foundation next november, held some talks with local youth groups and release a 16 page special TUL comic book. He will be also giving away soccer balls to local youth. He asked me to handle with the lettering… in ENGLISH, ZULU and XHOSA.

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-13 08.31.38

I had never lettered comic book besides Spanish, catalonian and english but that was way too good offer to say no, so I prepared myself to start lettering in southafrican language, which was a challenge, but it was a beautiful experience.

I cannot wait to see it, have it in my hands and express enough proudness in my heart to be part of this huge project. Something I have helped will be at hands to children in southafrica. Wow. Imagine that. From Chile, write something in Zulu and next month will be on their hands.

Making comics makes me so proud.

PS: Read more on the Norway Embassy in Southafrica press release.



Starburn moves publishing house!


Hi there:

I am really happy to announce that Starburn has packed his gear and has set his star burn engines for transition to outer space. After some time in hyperspace Gauge and the boys will be entering Markosia Galactic system.

News was released last week and we wanted to give it some time to grow in ourselves. We are a global association that – thanks to writer and creator Kelly Bender – arranges the time, effort and work of 5  guys from literally around the world. Markosia was the best choice for the book and Emerald Star was a great publishing house, so we thank them for the opportunity and care.

This might slow release date since we will be fitting into the UK’s indie publisher publishing schedule but I guess that for the next UK’s most important comic book date (which will be London Super Comic Convention, next March 2015), will be the best releasing date. Markosia is a great publisher with lots of titles and presence throughout Europe and USA, so that would help Starburn to gain readers.

I am really excited and proud to see that Markosia thought that Starburn had quality enough to be published under their high standard banner. You guys will not be disappointed!

This week I’ll be finishing inking Issue #2 and after some time off – due my brother’s visit – I’ll be taking Issue #3.

For me it’s my second run with Markosia being first the recently released SnowMalinas book, which I helped inking 5 pages back in …wow… 2010.

It’s weird how this 2014 almost ALL my projects since I started inking had seen publishing light this year. That’s a sign.

Well that’s the big news for now. Hope that you like’em

Remember the creating team:

Created & Written: Kelly Bender
Illustrations: Brian Balondo
Inks: Cristian Docolomansky
Colors: Laura Lee
Letters: Nic J. Shaw



New book: El Viudo, El fin del Luto 2.0


Hi, there:

As you might seen lately I have been focused on inking Rodrigo Campos for El Viudo book again. Or back, or whatever.

Dogitia Publisher Oscar Salas in an effort to put more material out there of the character and get more attention to the El Viudo : La Cueca del Manco book asked us if we wanted to reboot the El Viudo first story, which was made back in 2010 when IDW Chris Ryall visited Chile for a comic book seminarium and project pitching.

Differences are excruciating, lacking for a clear concept to put there. Back in 2010 Rodrigo and I tried several things and we were way too uninvolved with the character to give it a proper look. Now it’s way better.


The book – as long as there is no additional content considered – will be 12 pages and a cover and printed in a 100 limited copy. Will be released next Santiago’s Book Fair Filsa, which will be held at Mapocho Cultural Center from Oct 24th to Nov 9th.

Hope that you like it. I am quite proud of the results and well, taking into consideration that I am overloaded with work the one or two  things that are not right in my eye wasn’t able to fix it. Hopefully this is my perfectionism speaking and you enjoy it.