I love this!

Video is in spanish, but it’s the actual moment I opened the envelope to discover the original and share it with you guys.

I have just purchased my first original art! Silvestri / Williams art! early Image art, Cyberforce #1 art!

Can’t believe it’s finally here! Cyberforce Vol 2. #1 Page 11 (1994). Purchased at Mike Burkey from in a great affordable price for an inker.

I have been searching for this piece for a long time. It shows a normal bar scene, with lots of black/white contrast and I remember that page liked me a lot for two reasons that I have mimicked subconsciously all these years. I love how Marc Silvestri and Scott Williams deals with the bricks and litter at the waste bins. I’m excited seeing live for the first time how they deal with clothing and the small detailed feathering.


I found this piece months ago at Heritage Auctions page and when I was ready to buy it it simply disappeared from the page. I left the project and one day wandering about some other pieces (My set goal was: Early Image top title, with a top penciler, but more important, that should be inked by Scott Williams or Rich Friend… difficult, huh?) I found Mike’s page and it was there! I couldn’t believe my eyes. What I suspect is that Mike bought all Marc Silvestri’s Heritage pieces and offered them in his own page. I did not hesitate. I contacted Mike, who was at SDCC and asked for the piece. After SDCC ended he ask me for several days for the piece to come back home from San Diego where it was displayed for purchasing. After one week he e-mailed me that the piece was not bought at SDCC and it was mine, so he hold up it for me. Nest step is Pay Pal him and wait for it to come. Dude… it took only 3 days to travel from Ravena, Ohio to Santiago, Chile. FedEx rocks.


I strongly recommend if you are a beginner, if you can spend some bucks, to get something, anything from someone you admire in order to be able to analyze how he deals with some problems and solves them. I can’t think I wasted money or it was way too expensive for the results. I have seen Jim Lee’s original art for $30.000 which is insane. Those piece are for safe vaults. This is for studying purposes.


You may not understand what I am babbling in the video but actually I can sum up in some points:

– Original art Paper is way thicker than I thought. My pages are 200 gr. opaline paper, this paper is at least 300 gr, slightly yellow and slightly texturized. However, the ink flows like it’s printed. Beautiful.

– Art size is slightly different than the one I use, so I’ll have to recheck my own page pattern.

– I have always thought that the smallest lines should not be as small as I use them. in contrast, my thinnest line is a cow splattered brush stroke in comparison with Scott Williams’s. Impressive, daring, makes my heart explode with admiration.

– Scott Williams uses own Marc Silvestri’s original pencils, there are some pencil traces here and there. That makes sense, since as you can see on panel 2, they are still sharing studio (the late and admired Homage Studios) which you can see on the bottle label the bartender is using.


– Some letters are masked with scotch film and there are some (not many) with spots, mostly outside the panels in order to erase some lines that surpassed the panel border.

– I’d love to know which ink used Scott Williams on spotting blacks. It’s neutral, it’s dark it shows no gradient and looks it flows beautifully though out the page.


– On the details, cross hatching is brutal. Makes me dizzy. Look at the bartender’s neck. On the last panel, it’s ok, tha background looks slightly messy, but still it does not make the original art less beautiful to me.


Well. That’s it. I hope that I could translate what I am looking here in my next set of pages.

Enjoy as much as I do with this!

Thanks, Marc/Scott and huge thanks to Mike Burkey for the deal.




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Born in Barcelona, 1977, now I live in Chile. I'm currently working as a inker or letterer for several American, New Zealand or UK publishers like Beyond Reality Media, Alterna Comics, Advent Comics, Insane Comics, IDW Publishing, Ariete Producciones and Dogitia among others.

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