Step by Step: El Viudo Page detail


Hi, there:

Here’s a cool Step by step from the latest El Viudo job you’ll see. It’s from  Page 7. Pencils by Rodrigo Campos.

I use to take live pics from my job as I am inking with many purposes, but mostly because I want to keep updating my network that i am currently working on different projects and notice cool details of the job as they pop up.

fdl2.0_07_02 001 detail

 Step 0: Detailed pencils of Rodrigo. Notice how he detailed the glow of the gun at the hand of the character. Light source and dramatist comes from it.  Note how he tends to shadow blacks in a concentric orientation. That’s cool and helps.



Step 1: After digital edit (duotone the original and print it in a A3 page), I started with the shapes taking into consideration the source of light, giving the importance of how it reflects in the leather jacket. That’s why I took a tight feathering. (Even thou I think I have improved my regularity on the feathering it’s still an issue to me that I’m gaining expertise every page I ink).


Step 2: Viudo’s leather glove as it’s the nearest part to the light source requieres lots of  tiny quill detail, not long feathering there. Besides I wanted to express the hand gesture by making more strong the outline of the hand with a organic stroke. I gaped the gun with some unmodulated lines and spotting the blacks. I added some mask drawing gum for some effect later.




Step 3: Headshot. This is the most important part since it reflects the drama of the moment. The character is making justice AND claiming revenge for an unfairness committed against the undefended children. Here is not old school justice making, this is plain and raw vengeance. So I focused in the eyes and making some cross hatching beneath those eyes to make the light come slowly to the main focus. I inked the hair with a brush in order to give it a more realistic look and by this point I didn’t like how the hat turned out, so I left it for retouch later.


Step 4: Take a look at the glow. There’s the drawing gum that I brushed before the concentric feathering. This was cool how it turned out, since gradient in pencils are easy, but inking leaves you to interpretation. I did 3 layers of feather there, the closest to the white light were small concentric dead lines. The following ones are larger, not equal sized and modulated lines leaving for the darker outside layer with short, closer and energic quill strokes that are all merged in a black spot that will be later merged with the black background.



Step 5: that’s how it looks once every line has being traced. Now it’s time to spot blacks.


Step 6: For that task I use a big flat beveled #8 brush. a cheap one. This is only used for spotting blacks. Now, when the ink nears the inked job I use an old but reliable Raphael Kolinsky 8404 #0 brush. I love that one. For me it’s the best.


Final Step 1: Done! notice how around the glow that surrounds the gun blast how I removed the mask gum. that can be seen in the shaded parts of the gun. I splattered some white inks on that part in order to give more drama to the gun blast and in the gun point I did the same whit regular black ink.

El Fin del Luto reinks Page 07 1500 px And here’s how it looks with the page scanned and digital edited. I fixed some fuck ups on the hat and eyes.

Hope that this helps.




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Born in Barcelona, 1977, now I live in Chile. I'm currently working as a inker or letterer for several American, New Zealand or UK publishers like Beyond Reality Media, Alterna Comics, Advent Comics, Insane Comics, IDW Publishing, Ariete Producciones and Dogitia among others.

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