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Article excerpt taken from the original at CBR. Credit by Marc Buxton.

As pop culture pushes forward with an unprecedented amount of genre films, television and publishing endeavors on the way, it’s important to remember the forerunners of today’s popular characters. At Comic-Con International in San Diego, fans and professionals gathered to honor the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the prolific author that created such seminal characters and concepts such as “Carson of Venus,” “John Carter of Mars,” “The World of Pellucidar” and the granddaddy of them all, “Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle,” all of which live on today in one form or another.

The panel of experts on all things Burroughs consisted of moderator Scott Tracy Griffin, author of “Tarzan, the Centennial Celebration,” the artist of the “Cave Girl” comic strip Diana Leto, Dynamite Entertainment Senior editor Joe Rybandt and president of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Jim Sullus. Sullus called the company he oversees “a small, family run company ran by the Burroughs heirs, committed to not allow the properties to go stale.” Rounding out the panel was writer of the online Burroughs comic strips “Korak the Killer” and “The Mucker,” Ron Marz, and long time Burroughs World artist Thomas Yates.

The annual panel kicked off discussing the biggest current event of the Burroughs world, the 2016 Warner Brothers “Tarzan” film, which was greeted warmly by the Burroughs faithful in attendance. Sullus informed the audience that the film will feature “True Blood” star Alexander Skaarsgard as Tarzan, Margot Robbie (“Wolf of Wall Street”), Samuel L. Jackson as Tarzan’s “sidekick,” as Sullus called him, and Christoph Waltz as the film’s antagonist. Sullus described the film’s plot as, “Tarzan is the lord of the jungle but now he is also lord of Parliament. He is tapped by the Queen to go to Africa — and Samuel L. Jackson is a U.S. Marshall — together, these guys go to Africa and solve some problems.”

Sullus then updated the audiences on the Constantine “Tarzan,” Animated film which has been released in Europe and South Africa with sporadic showings in the U.S. Sullus proudly announced that the film “will soon be shown in China, in 5000 theaters, and will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the U.S. on August 5.

After mentioning some newer business ventures, like “Tarzan” slot machines and online games, Sullus moved to the publishing world. The first book up was the “Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs” an anthology by top genre authors like Peter David, F. Paul Wilson, Mercedes Lackey and Kevin J. Anderson. The book features many of Burroughs creations like Tarzan and the “World of Mars,” “and there is a talk of doing a second one,” according to Sullus.

Sullus then plugged the upcoming second volume of the “Russ Manning ‘Tarzan'” by IDW Publishing, calling Manning “a master of ‘Tarzan’ art.

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Moving away from the world of “Tarzan” to Burroughs’ other major property, “John Carter,” Sullus showed those in attendance the upcoming new edition of “Princess of Mars” with 20 new paintings by Mike Kaluta. According to Sullus, “We had to get special permission from Disney Worldwide Publishing, because they have the publishing rights for us, but when they found out Mike Kaluta was going to be the artist, they were like, ‘You bet.'” Sullus said. “They don’t give that permission easily, but because of the artist, they felt it was a great idea to do it.”

The next strip that will be introduced to the online World of Burroughs will be “The Monster Men,” which Sullus described as, “a professor and his beautiful daughter go to the island in the South Pacific to create human beings — but create twelve miserable monsters who don’t have any capacity other than brutal force — and the thirteenth is a perfect individual.” Looking to the future of the online Burroughs strips, Sullus said, “We’re not done. We want to expand this program, we do need subscribers. It really is the bargain of the century, $1.99 a month or $21.99 a year — we can have as many as thirty individual web comic programs from Edgar Rice Burroughs.” They’re considering launching strips based on Burroughs properties “The Lost Continent,” “The Girl From Hollywood” and “Beyond the Farthest Star.”

via SDCC: What’s New with Tarzan, John Carter & Edgar Rice Burroughs? – Comic Book Resources.

That’s my first ever mention of a work of mine in a MAJOR comic book news site.




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