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Taking a look at El Viudo “La cueca del Manco” Book






So, here it is, finally, my first published book in Chile. Printed by Dogitia a new publisher who is devoted in quality printed comics.


It has been an honor and a high task to work for like two or three years in this book as I have previously said, on and off.


So, here it is. Finally.

I remember starting inking the first pages back in 2010.  The first pages were inked directly from the pencils and then, after 8 or 9 pages I realized how wrong that was. Then I scanned Rodrigo’s pencils and sent every page to a printer in order to have my own duotone copy to ink. At the end I got my own printer to do that at home.

This is a comic based in Santiago 1950, a city that is thrilling with its political situation. El Viudo is a masked vigilante with local roots.

80 pages, 15 x 23 cms B/W.

Created & Written: Gonzalo Oyanedel
Illustrations: Rodrigo Campos / Juan Marquez
Inks: Cristian Docolomansky
Letters: Maycols Alfaro

Cover and interior illustrations: Asfódelo

Publisher; Oscar Salas / Dogitía


Note: I have several copies to sell directly, with a signature and a sketch.


– 7.000 CLP (Chilean Pesos) if you live in Chile (Retail price will be up to 8.000 CLP)

– 13 USD, if you live outside Chile and you pay with foreign currency.

Delivery: We can meet up somewhere in Santiago, but if you live outside or overseas I should make an inquiry for courier services.

Payment Method: Pay Pal. ( Send me an email and before payment i’ll send you a quote detailing the mailing costs.

Client pays Fee amount so that the Net amount matches product.

PS: Thinking in selling my original pages… anyone?




Team Up Portfolio


This is the May 2014 portfolio that teamed up three chilean artists:

Luis Inzunza: – pencils

Cristian Docolomansky: – inks

Kóte Carvajal: – colors.

Based on a script by Tom McKnight

Please Download our portfolio (PDF format) by clicking the image

For contact of page rates of this package, please contact us on the latest page of the portfolio.

Hope to hear from you soon! Bests LI/CDC/KC

Talking about inks

Hi. Once again, good news.

Mesa Gráfica, Chile’s top art and comics news website is inviting me alongside two of the greatest professionals in Chile’s comic book scene to speak about the inking process. this would be the first round table in the 3 day event, which you can find its details here (in spanish).

Those two professionals are (once again) colorist Kote Carvajal and talented artist Ismael Hernandez.

i have previously spoken about Kóte, so let me introduce Ismael to you. He’s a genius, a talented genius, Artist, illustrator, Storyboardist, he is the artist behind Chile’s most awarded comic series Varua Rapa Nui, which masterfully illustrates Bernardita Ojeda‘s beautiful script.

(Pss… actually he is a great artist. and knows a huge lot about inks so… I’ll let him talk about it, but don’t tell anyone)

This time will be the round table will take place in the Santiago Library, this Sat. June 7th at 3 PM.

So, if you are around, please come say hi.



El Viudo Signing

Today I was invited at the ANG Chile (Chilean comic book publisher and related industry association) to sign the El Viudo “La cueca del Manco” book. I haven’t seen it until I arrived to the Estación Mapocho venue. And it looks great. Tomorrow I’ll post my comments over this book and – if I have some more information – more data regarding purchasing.

Here are some pictures of the signing at the Con. We were next to the line of Jon Bogdanove, so it was quite messy at sometimes.

Hope that you like it.