Today is my first birthday as a Pro.

From Trixie Dynamite #1, page 1 to Robin The Hood #4 Page #22.

This post is about what I have learnt this past year about being an inker.

March 18th 2013 was the day I quit my job, suffering for high stress after a three month period struggling with both projects and my former employer work ethics until I couldn’t be part of something that was killing me. 6 months later, while I was working in some El Viudo pages I was informed that he shut down the design studio, put everyone left on the street without a month notice and hid from many many lawsuits.

On March 23th I got my first assignment as an inker. Trixie Dynamite #1. Can’t thank Ben Schwartz enough for that.

I believe I made the best choice. I can only thank my wife because she has been the best supporter I could ever wish for.

However, I did not found a stable paid job this past year. I worked here and there focused on having printed material to grow my resumee, instead of applying into the big leagues. Why? Because after one year of fully inking I realized that I am still not a professional inker. And without experience or printed material I can’t jump to the next level, so money can not be the most important matter here. It’s difficult not being able to help at home as I would like, thou.

What I have learnt this year is where am I inking wise and still I am not as good as some other new inkers out there, like Daniel Herniques, Rob Doan, J.E. Lozano, Bob Almond or Jesse Hansen. I am not worried for that because gaining that knowledge that took me 200 pages. That taught me about my limits which now I know what they are and how to improve them to reach higher goals.

I told myself that I’d spend one year trying to break into comics, however I realize that it would take more time than expected. My savings are almost zero and I will have to find a mixture in inking and industrial design to keep working. Still I can count with my wife’s understanding which is my motivation.

With CB Cebulski at Los Canallas Restaurant (august 2013)

With CB Cebulski at Los Canallas Restaurant (august 2013)

Right now I am understanding the dynamics, which is the best ink to use and when to use which tool and such. But also about commitment, ethics and being able to be able to everyone who may need my services.

And I inked and penciled a lot. Even in hospital last month.

Me inking during hospitalization

Me inking during hospitalization

It’s a matter of keep improving. You are compiting against the bests, Glapion, Morales, Miki, Batt, Friend, Williams, Townsend, Hanna, Palmer, Weems, Underwood, Farmer... Be as good as them, then keep improving and try to be better. Be positive and try not to rush. I have time against me, I’m 36, but I don’t think on that. I think of the day when some big publisher will release a comic book with my name in it. That’s what drives me today.

I’ll keep inking this second year. I only can keep fighting to become what I like the most of comics and gain my own spot. To become a professional inker.

Still have lots of new pages and new comics to ink.

Hope that you could keep interested in my work. Thanks for following my posts.




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Born in Barcelona, 1977, now I live in Chile. I'm currently working as a inker or letterer for several American, New Zealand or UK publishers like Beyond Reality Media, Alterna Comics, Advent Comics, Insane Comics, IDW Publishing, Ariete Producciones and Dogitia among others.

3 responses to “Today is my first birthday as a Pro.”

  1. mirkolovic says :

    You’re fresher than ever Doco, huge inspiration and growing talent! Wish I had your balls man, and can’t wait to see that day you long…

    Big hug from Dalmatia!

  2. DOCINKS says :

    thanks, Mirko!!!

  3. Fernando Vergara Piña says :

    Felicitaciones Don Doco. Un gran paso es cambiar de trabajo y de dirección para dedicarse a lo que es más motivador para uno mismo. La técnica se logra con la práctica y la constancia. El orden disciplinado para seguir los pasos adecuados genera mayor avance en cualquier arte y técnica que el puro talento innato por que si. Yo lo sé bien porque es así como yo mismo he avanzado como ilustrador y he vivido de mis dibujos todos estos años.
    Adelante no más, estudio y práctica!

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