2013 is almost over.



At 3PM I sent the last page of the last project of the year. I was wrapping up all year’s work and I found myself working a lot, a huge lot in order to finish it on time.

Gladly, I succeeded. All pages are now on their own dropbox or gmail folder and, for the first time I started to think about what I have accomplished this year.

Since I was a kid I wanted to be in comics and after march 18th 2013 I am trying to make it seriously into comics. but after this past two weeks, sunk in work I realized that I have gain real understanding about the deep love for comics I have since I was a kid. While working I was watching several comic book documentaries and It touched me the same spot those artists have towards the love of comics is tuned with what the love I have for it. This last month, I think the hardest one since I am an inker, recharged that love.

The year in numbers:

(like the joke about lawyers, it’s a start)

I have been published digitally in these projects:

– Li.la 3, (Chile), by Accion Comics, based on a script of German Valenzuela. (Pencils and inks). By first trimester of 2014, I’ll do the next part of it. LINK. 8 pages

– El Viudo, Las Coplas Del Diablo (Chile), S: Gonzalo Oyanedel, P: Rodrigo Campos, I: Me. Futuro Esplendor Publishings. It’s planned to see print by 2014. LINK. 24 pages

– Sinfonías Sencillas: Compasión: (Chile) S: Alfreo Rodriguez, P+I: Me. LINK. 6 pages

– La Senda del Errante: (Chile), S: German Valenzuela, P: Sebastian Lizana, I: Me. Possibly sees print in 2014. LINK. 22 pages

– The Red Devil, (USA), digitally published by Tapastic. S: Tony Dwight, P: Erik Roman, I: Me. LINK. It’s being published now. 5 pages published by now

– One Must Break 4 (New Zealand), digitally published by Beyond Reality Media. S: William Geradts, P: Diego Toro, I: Me, Colors: Kote Carvajal. LINK 23 pages.

I have been only seen print:

– Trixie Dynamite #1, #2, (USA), published by ECV Press. S: Ben Schwartz, P: Mauro Riefscheinder, I: Me. Issues 3 and 4 to see print in 2014. You can read Issue #1 here. LINK

2013-06-13 13.05.17

I strongly believe that I’ll see print in 2014 (Besides noted above)

Oblivion: (USA) A longshot by Bad Cog Productions, donde by 2010 to 2013. S: Devin Richard, P: Rodrigo Campos, I: Me. Last news of it was that it was in line to be lettered and sent to print. Backend project. This project show me a lot about trust an editor. 48 pages

Robin Hood #3 and #4. (USA), by Bluewater Productions. Still not clear about release date, but I have finished last page of Issue 3 today. S: Ken Janssens, P: Luis Rivera, I: Me. 22 pages each issue

Snowmalinas: (USA). This is a GN which I help ink 8 pages back in 2011 and I believe that it will see print this year. S: Daniel Karluhen, P: Cynthia Sousa, I: Me, 8 Pages

– StarBurn: (USA), Emerald Star. First collaboration with my Canadian friend Kelly Bender (S), Brian Balondo (P) and me on inks. Still on a production process. This will be a back end project.

– Midnight Delivery Service: (USA) Double Barrel Theater. S: Matt Kayal; P + I: Me. My first attempt on drawing and inking digital. I’ll show some of it soon. 10 pages

– Headliners: Issues 1 and 2. S + P: Kevin Strieter, I: Me. Not clear about medium of publishing, I have delivered 10 pages this week, so we are in a good speed.

Foto del día 18-10-13 a la(s) 15.40

So, That’s what I am right now. I have done some Flats to a GN and 4 issued lettered. But I believe I have been inking like 200 pages this year only, Involved in more that 17 projects, most of them about to see print or in a pitch process, but I am wanting for more. What i like the most is that i have learnt a lot. About inks, about dealing with foreign artists; about what to charge, what to expect from publishers and searching for the way to break in to bigger publishers.

I think that 2014 will be the year of seeing some things out there in the shelves. I strongly expect that and I can’t wait to see work in reader’s hands, aging to be reviewed and hoping that you like what you see. I want to let you know that I put my strongest effort, tears, blood and sweat… (and sometimes I put some prescripted pills XD) on every page you’ll see.

Peace, may your best wishes come true this new year.

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Born in Barcelona, 1977, now I live in Chile. I'm currently working as a inker or letterer for several American, New Zealand or UK publishers like Beyond Reality Media, Alterna Comics, Advent Comics, Insane Comics, IDW Publishing, Ariete Producciones and Dogitia among others.

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