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Hey, Trixie Dynamite is on TAPASTIC!


While I was looking for some reference images for my latest post I come to realize that Ben has uploaded our comic to Tapastic!

So, if you want to take a look this first short story, there you are, enjoy!

Black Betty
Written By Ben Schwartz
Pencils By Mauro Reifchneider
Inks By Cristian Cerda (first comic and wrong credited… great).
Colors By Alfredo Regueiro
Letters By Kurt Hathaway




Newer works

This past week I have been working on three new projects:

Trixie Dynamite, the comic you saw on this post started its second issue. Despite the fact the payment is way below my page rate, I accepted to keep continuity over a published work which may look good on my portfolio. I really like this character, I feel some kind of bond with her. She’s naïve, but sexy, however she has a horrible bad attitude on that world full of innocence. I am booked for issues #2, #3 and #4.

– I have been approached by BlueWater Productions, they are the publisher well known for their comic book biographies. I am on the team of one of their titles, at least for two issues, with penciler Luis Rivera.


– I have been hired for a 4 issue project. This makes me specially proud because of the kind of project this is. Let me explain you a little: This is a project called “The Urban Legend”, a comic book by Eritrean descendent-but Denmark born and Norwegian citizen Jossef Yohanes, journalist who wanted to do a personal comic book related project, focused on giving children a role model to relate to. Specially african children. I won’t be inking this time. I’m translating the four issue comic book and lettering into Spanish and Catalonian. The goodness of this project made me jump onboard almost without hesitation. Surprisingly, when I received Issue #1, I realize that the colorist, talented colorist Juan Moraga is a chilean colorist which I know from people who had teamed up with him. What a small world.

Besides, a project I was been inking, but penciller had to stop it, was once again re-activated, so that means that I had to stop inking El Viudo for a while, which I’ll resume the duties after New York. By the way, I’ll post everything comic related in here.

On a side note, my combined force team (penciler Diego Toro, Colorist Koté Carvajal and me) applied  for the DC’s Harley Quinn page contest. I’ll post this page the moment I have clearance on this.

On a second side note: Secret Project #1 is on its way, but still can’t say when can I tell you about.

Keep tunning.



NYCC Here I Come

New York Comic Con Logo, Provided by ComicsBeat

So, we are three weeks away to hit the big Apple.

Can’t believe it’s on the same week as New York Comic Con. This means a lot to me.

I’ll be able to attend just one day, the first day of the Con. I am credited to go as a professional. That makes me feel just that. Professional, meeting professionals.

I have a couple of doubts. It’s my first big convention and I won’t be alone. Of course my wife will be with me. She even has her own ticket.

– Should I line on the portfolio review all day? There’s no chance that I’ll be reviewed on the short period of time available.

– Should I try to find as many well known inkers to talk with them? That’s a great idea. Introducing myself to great and renewed inkers just to talk about this job seems a great idea.

– Should I give myself to my nerdism and go to see the con as a fan? That’s what I’d like to do, but this is a chance I have a very few times in life.


For the time being, as today, well I have appointed to meet several things.

– I am scheduled to visit people who have been in Chile, That means Chris Ryall and CB Cebulski. Not granted to see them , but at least I’ll try.

– I have talked to Mark Morales, great GREAT inker and he has accepted to see me.

– I have to line one Liefeld’s table to get two sketches I ordered, so I’d love to show him my portfolio and the Youngblood piece.

– I am intended to visit all the artist alley to see If I meet the publishers and artists who I have been involved with this past 7 months.

Any suggestions?



Pitching projects

Last week I finished a 6 page pitch for Kelly Bender ( , with pencils of Brian Balondo ( , a super cool team I found thanks to Andi Supiyono ( A Catalonian meeting an american writer, a Philippino penciler thanks to a Indonesian penciler. I love how my spectrum has widen in terms of relationship to new people.


“Celestial Corps”
Co-Created & Written: Kelly Bender (
Co-Created & Covers: Isidore “Isikol” Koliavras
Art: Brian Balondo
Inks: Cristian Docolomansky
Colors: Thom Bulman (
Letters: Micah Myers (

First Thing first. Kelly is an extraordinaire writer who has decided to take the same challenge as me. He is in a one year period trying to break into comics and that is something I respect. I also respect a lot his way of doing things. He has in this one year period published with ROBB comics and Evil Moose.

We both will be pitching this Space Opera to publishers on NYCC, where I try to meet him, take a couple of pictures and say hi.

Cross fingers, people who follow me, and follow and support Kelly and this project, because it’s one of our clearest chances to make it.



Sequentially inking Jim Lee

Sequentially inking Jim Lee

I wanted to ink test Jim Lee, but on his sequentials. This is one page of his Superman Unchained comic.

I am not totally fond of this piece however it confirms that inking Jim Lee is not easy. Not because of the spectacularity of his pencils, but the depth and wide range of lines. It seems that he pencils fast, but that way of pencilling is translated into inks in a very complex way. Jim Lee turns a outer line with a wide range of thickness that it’s an intrigue to translate into a clear printable line.

Done using mostly quills. Hunt 102, I love you

You can check this piece out on my Deviantart portfolio.

@Dc comics