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Assembled portfolio!

Toro Diego, Kóte Carvajal and me teamed up to do this portfolio, check this out, and let me know if you need a team that can turn your comic into real pages. C’ya!

Click on the image to download our portfolio.





Well… After 4 months since I devoted myself to inks I have gained several experience and meet tremendous people. I think I can post my page rates now that I am becoming more confident over my work. Still I have hundreds of pages of learning, but I love this thing. 

I ink traditionally. I like to use hunt 102 quills and brushes. I also use micropens for some details and feathering.

I also have done some digital Inking which you can find here:….

I am not fond of AmeriManga or manga, so I am more focused on mainstream comics with a level of professionalism. I love good pages BUT I also love regular timmings. Doing one page per week I think does not helps anyone.

So, here they are:
– Inked sequentials: 45 USD PER PAGE It does not depends on the complexity or lack of detail, Actually i love details and pages that are more complex are like a challenge to me. Here are a couple of examples:
Trixie Issue 01 Page 06 Combined by ~Docolomansky 

Ink job Spiderman test Combined by ~Docolomansky

Ink Job -  Miss Vicky Combined Page 02 by ~Docolomansky

– Inked Covers and Pin ups: 35 USD Per Page. Here are some examples: 
Ink Test Red Monika Joe Madureira Combined by ~Docolomansky
ink test - Justice41's Zealot by ~Docolomansky

My method: I ink and send lo-res pages for comments. 6 at the time. (1-6; 7-12, etc…) That’s is like my inking speed per week.

Once every group of pages are approved, I send hi-res pages files after payment via Pay Pal. 

If you want a closer communication, we can Gtalk or evaluate the project via email. I’m

So, can’t wait to find more from you and your projects! 

Inking rocks, remember!


Spider-man team up

Ink job Spiderman test Combined

Since last couple of months colorist Kóte Carvajal and penciler Toro Diego have teamed up for a couple of jobs. This 4 paged spider-man test was presented on our portfolios among other of our works to CBCebulski a couple of weeks ago. So, since we liked the result, we hope that to keep working together.

Hope that you like it and if you want more of us e-mail me at asking for our rates. We do Pencils, Inks and Colors, all three in one pack. Don’t miss you chance to get A-Level comics from us!

© Marvel Comics





X-men Wedding invitation – pencil and inks

I did it like month ago, but i hesitated to post it since I am not fan of rip offs but after some consideration i felt this was an homage and here it is for you:Image

The wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. X-...

The wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. X-Men #30, art by Andy Kubert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was – up so far – my latest paid job. Nicole found me and asked me to draw her wedding invitation. She and her fiancee loves Marvel comics, and they wanted the X-men 30 Issue cover, the one of the wedding of Scott summers and Jean Grey. Since I don’t like rip offs I managed to tell the couple that I must add Andy Kubert and Matt Ryan’s signature as a referenced credited piece.

I did it using two 11 x 17 pages and I did it per pieces and using photoshop to add some effects and compose the whole piece.
I liked a lot the result and the couple also loved it, so I’m proud they liked it.
© Marvel Comics.

Test – Inking Rob Liefeld


Last month I received the job of inking an issue.

It was a superhero, sorry, supervillain independant publisher comicbook.

The author was quite Rob Liefeld influenced on his drawing style. He used Rob’s pin-up looks on its narrative layout and wasn’t easy to deal inking it. For that matter I decided to study early Youngblood issues in order to focus this inking duty.

It left me thinking: what would be inking the real Rob Liefeld?

Rob means controversy. Throughout the years the name of Rob Liefeld was a synonym of daring poses, criticism towards his narrative skills and caused as many loyal fans as haters. However, he still is on the first line of mainstream comics and keeps working since the late eighties. People either loves him or hates him, there are not grays en between.

For me, as a early Image comics fan, I have always admired Liefeld’s vision more than his drawing style, BUT in the end I have found that inkers have helped Liefeld to enhance his pages on several occasions. For instance an early Danny Miki transformed Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood pages completely from issue #7. It was well focused and detailed and those issues is my favorite Liefeld.

So I thought, what would feel like inking the real Rob Liefeld? Of course this wasn’t a official job, so  I decided to look for some penciled page of him and I found one on a website… (hmmm… let me look for the original link… ok, here it is: 

I printed it and I started inking… you know what? it was one hell of a ride. I used mainly Hunt 102 nib and some brushes over the hair of Shaft.


Must admit I underestimated Liefeld. It took me several hours focusing on the main figure and after that the back panels were quite difficult to make the difference between figure and background. For that reason I decided to grow Shaft’s overline. At the end of it I used some splattered ink as a background to separate himself from the back.

Liefeld has a dynamic trace line which I felt very comfortable regarding movement lines and feathering. For that the result of quill lines were the best option.

So, after all, I think that inking that page was a real excitement and it left me discovering another layer of this artist.

What happened to that project who drove me to this Liefeld Inked test ? well, after 8 pages and a cover the author decided to think his style through and he frozen off the project.