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My top three pencilers

I have recently spotted a set of three inkers that still are not breaking up in comics. Steadly, I mean, but are a great set of inkers. They are Devgear, Tony Kordos o Daniel Henriques. Still I’m miles behind them.

Here’s the thing: today, as a newly self taught inker I’m in what I can see it’s the lowest of the pyramid stage as an inker.

No, no, don’t get me wrong. The only way is up. I see this as a good thing.

Since march 18th I have been working unstoppedly between 5 USD up-to 30 USD digital and traditional inked pages, tests and several collaborations. Still no big publishers  knows me. So, I thought that it would be interesting to show the good pencilers I have found over the web on these months.

I have found good, average and bad pencilers. I had a couple of cases of pencilers that thought inking was to finish their rough sketch and then inking it. Then promising back end job which never turned into a serious offer. I won’t name names, because we all need to grow up in this business by learning. But I learnt that my hunger for knowledge, pages and experience must be measured with those pencillers which pencils would make a step forward on my portfolio.

On the middle section, well… there are several things to be paid and I think I must put into a balance. What to do if you are getting paid on a comic with a bad penciler? On this particular case, well, I accepted the job.

And, finally, the good guys. I am currently working with three different pencilers whose art still wonders me why aren’t on the mainstream pages.


  • Erik Roman. He has a clearly distinctive penciling. Love for detail, noir comic, femme fatale and some Dave Stevens. He has a daily job and he delivers one strip page per week for the The Red Devil Webcomic. It’s a total pleasure to ink him. I think that my experience on chilean comic El Viudo helped me understand his penciling. He had unfortunately found bad inkers in the past – not that I say that I am a good inker, but we fit pretty well togheter.


  • Diego Toro: He’s a friend and a great and dynamic penciler. He has an unique sensitivity towards facial expressions with a scent of Humberto Ramos. I have inked several works over his pencils. You can find him on his work on One Must Break for Beyond Reality Media Publishings. I am trying to fit my inks more properly over his pencils, but it’s a constant learning.


  • Rodrigo Campos: I have long history with this guy and every time he’s getting better. I have done several things with him. First, the long awaited Age Of Oblivion Comic, for Bad Cog Publishings, a small indie publisher. Then we are in the making of the second issue of El Viudo, for Chilean publisher Futuro Esplendor. He is a diamond on the process of being polished. Loves high detail and high documentation standards, with a mixture of old classics, (Wally Wood, Joe Kubert) and mainstream stars such Jim Lee.

So, if you are a publisher interestes on my inks, well, take a look to these three talents and please, consider them (and me as an inker) for your next project.



What inks I have done this past week #1


I am trying to do something weekly. What i have done this past week. That will make me have track of my own jobs and show you guys what I am into.

This past week I’d done several things inking related. Let’s see:

The Headliners, a Deviantart job I got from a penciler. We are on the first book and this week i did page 6, 7 and 8. This next week I’ll be inking the following pages. I have been sent a lo-res colored version of Page 1 and it really surprised me.

– Then I did a wedding invitation I found on Guru. The client and bride wanted to do a similar sketch of the X-men #30 cover by Andy Kubert and Matt Ryan on the Scott Summers and Jean Grey wedding. It had to change – obviously – bride, groom, church and all the guests. I liked the result – which I credited “CDC after Andy Kubert/ Matt Ryan”, but, not in its entirely since it wasn’t an totally original piece. However, the client wants what the client wants.

The Red Devil, a webcomic I am inking over Tony Dough’s script and Erik Roman’s pencils. It will be digitally published after the second set of pages. This is a webcomic published by Tapastic: I have inked page 3 and I am about to start page 4.

– I received a couple of comments on some Kickstarter sample page, so the inks I did this past week wasn’t approved so I will ink another piece next week.

– Besides, Between works I have started inking some of my fav’s pencillers pages as a sample, which will be posted as soon as I can finish it. This time this page is dedicated after I studied a particularly controversial penciler for the The Headliners projects as a guideline. I thought that I’d like to ink this author if I got the chance.

So, that was for the week, I am focusing this next week to devote more time for each page I ink, in order to give better results.

You can check my latests pages here, or in my deviant art, Tumblr and Facebook pages.

Bests regards

Red Monika inked piece – analysis


Hi, this is me,it has been a while ago sincemy last long post. I’ll write an update after this post. 

I’d like to explain a little further this piece I am posting. 

I am doing as many pieces as I can between jobs. Not always I am inking a piece in its entirely in one session, since my schedule needs to focus more on the paid jobs.

The reason for these pieces is to test some new techniques and also have some fun. 

In this case, Red Monika as many of you would know, is a creation of Joe Madureira, which amerimanga and mainstream style is very admire for fans. 

While inking: I took the decision to havethree min focuses on this piece. First of all I inked all the clothing giving more weight on the contours. I felt to give them more personality and some of the effects inkers like Joe Weems does while inking fabric. Not silk or satin, but fabric.

Then I inked all Red Monika’s body, using Hunt 102. It’s a neat tool, however I need to feel more comfortable on the feathering and totally concentrated while inking. If something is on my mind while inking I can not focus on giving my best effort. I tried to give wood and old metal texture details which I think it succeeded on the gun and sword handle part. After I did this body part I studied some of Jonathan Glapion’s texturing so I tried to give more depth on sleeves, under the nose and hair.

Last part I put more focus and was a real challenge was smoke that comes from the gun. For that I used a total different tool. a #1 brush.

On the negative note I think there was some mistakes. I can see a blur ink stain on Red Monika’s hair and some of the contour of the clothes.

So, I am overall quite happy on the result, but I can’t wait to show you my newest piece which may create quite a controversy.

Bests to all.


Red Monika WIP

Red Monika WIP

While inking duties breaks I tried to ink one of my fav’s pencillers. joe Madureira’s work on this Red Monika pin up is a good exercise of quill use and negative space inking. Hope you like it.

I used Hunt 102 quill and Speedball ink