What a year

This is the day we all make out final thoughts of the year, and what a year has It been. I am completely sure that we all think that this year will go in history as the year it changed us in many ways. Many will think that this year and what it came with […]

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Hello. I just want to share with you some of the reviews the latest book featuring my lettering are receiving. The book is a political Thriller, very ad-hoc to the times we and the American people are living. Planned to be released during election week it suffered a delay and it was published last Nov […]


New book: Mecha Selk’nam Sorren

Hello there! Just a little note to share with you some of the cool images from the newest book featuring my lettering on it. This time is for the local market. MECHA SELK’NAM SORREN is a book created by Daniel Leal and drawn by Fabian Todorovic. The story creates an awesome world where Selk’nam nation […]

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HEY! Just a quick reminder that today the Regulators #2 is going live on Kickstarter. It’s a superhero comic created by Tony Kittrell and features art by Gabriel “Eskivo” Santos, inks by me and colors by Hi Fi and letters by Lucas Gattoni. Join the Advent Comics universe Kickstarter and help us create this comic! […]


Lettering Webinar

I was invited by the Salón Internacional de la Historieta de Río Bío producing team to develop a 1-hour webinar about lettering and how I letter comics. It was host by Felipe Benavides and we covered from the basics of lettering and my technique as a letterer. You can check it out here, in SPANISH. […]

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Inmuno: Coronavirus

Inmuno: Coronavirus is a FREE COMIC IN SPANISH developed by a team of chilean creators in order to tell the world about how the virus gets inside the body and how can our inmune system deal with it. It’s a 4 page short story created by Daniel Erlij, who is an immunologist, Kóte Carvajal, who […]

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2019 Year in review

I haven’t posted anything since I told you that I was heading for NYCC. I had in mind to do a summary in my way back telling you all how it went, what it felt being there and the people I met. Then, Iron Maiden performed at my home town of Santiago. “Tomorrow”, I thought. […]

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So, let’s go to NYCC

Hello, there all! Well this is it. I am waiting in a coffee store for my first flight to NYC. Been wishing for this trip for many time. Do you remember the set of posts I did back in 2013? And that day I went only for the Preview Day. This time I’ll be for […]

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